Hello World!

Hello there fellow beer lovers, and welcome to BeerNorway, a website (mostly) about  Norwegian beers and beers available in Norway.

I will publish beer reviews, pub reviews and other newsworthy stories as often as I have time to write them. If any of you have some ideas or want me to write about something special, don’t hesitate to contact me at christer@beernorway.com. BeerNorway also has an official twitter account that you can follow that I will use from time to time (mostly to inform about new information on this site). I’m working on a Facebook page and I’ll be sure to mention it here (and on twitter) once it’s ready.

Previously I have only published “reviews” on my personal flickr account and in some analog books that I carry around with me to different tastings I attend. First I will try to publish all reviews I have on flickr on this blog so I’ll have some content to get started, and then I will continue to add more beers as I taste them.

Whenever you feel the sudden urge to complain about my musings on beer (or anything else for that matter), or if you just want to tell the world that you feel the exact same way as I do about a specific beer, feel free to leave a comment (preferably written in English).

All of these reviews are personal and the ratings I give is based on how I feel about that particular beer at that particular time.

With that being said, skål!

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