Beer review: BrewDog Hello My Name is Ingrid

BrewDog Hello My Name is IngridThis is a collaboration between the great BeerSweden blog and BrewDog.


The color is typical for a Double IPA. The nose is not that typical though.


The aroma explodes with fruitiness and hops. The Nelson Sauvin hop used in this beer might have something to do with the intense nose. There are also Citra and Bramling Cross hops in this beer.


The flavor is also quite intense. I’m getting citrus, flowers, grape, pineapple and some yeast. This beer is quite balanced. I’m not getting any spikes anywhere, just all well balanced tastes.


The finish has pine and is very pleasant. I really enjoyed this one (lucky for me I have a bunch more of this beer).


Score: 4.2/5

Batch #424

(originally published on flickr 2011-03-05)

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