Beer review: BrewDog Abstrakt AB:01 (2010)

Abstrakt AB:01A year ago today I tasted the first of BrewDog‘s Abstrakt series. I thought the beer felt a bit immature at the time. This is a review of the same beer, one year later. Let’s see what a year of aging has done to the beer.


The first obvious difference between this pour and the one I had a year ago is the size of the head. There is almost no head on this one.


The aroma is fruity and includes hints of leather and yeast (yeast from a bottle of Westvleteren 12, the reason for using the glass in the picture).


The flavor is slightly sweet and has some yeast notes to it. There is also some dark fruity flavors present. This beer was aged with vanilla, but there is not that much vanilla left in the flavor. The flavor is much more balanced now compared to a year ago, and the level of carbonation is much lower.


The finish lasts very long and is very pleasant. All the flavors from the beer just stays around and mixes with each other. I like this beer a lot more this time around. I have more bottles, so expect another review one year from today.


I’ll give this beer 4/5 this time around. Come back next year to see if there is any difference!

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