Linköping BeerExpo 2011

I attended Linköping BeerExpo some weeks ago where I got to taste a lot of great beer and talk some some interesting people. I also got to meet Darren and Trev from BeerSweden which was quite busy doing tastings and filming for their site.

I thought I’d include some of my beer highlights along with some pictures from the expo. Let’s start with the beer. The notes are from a small book I use when trying out new beer.

Djævlebryg Son of Nekron

Not a very good aroma. The flavor is quite sour. Some smoke and bitterness from the hops. After a couple of sips it’s starting to get better. Perhaps it was served a bit too cold?

Mohawk Black IPA

Interesting aroma. Bitterness from the hops (like a regular IPA), and some sweetness from the malt (not like your average IPA). The flavor was pretty much the same as the aroma. Pretty dry finish.

Oppigårds Easter Ale

Sweet malt character in the aroma and a git bread-like in the flavor. Not too exciting.

Nynäshamn Bötet Barley Wine 2008

Lots of sweetness and a git wine-like aroma. Very balanced body with a perfect amount of carbonation. Slightly bitter finish but not too much.

Great Divide Hercules Double IPA

Grape and pineapple in the aroma. Well balanced body. Not too bitter in the finish. Very good!

Abbaye des Rocs La Nounnette

Fruity and flowery aroma. The aroma has a bit of rubber and is quite floral. A complex beer. Reminds me a bit of the Lambic style.

3 Floyds Behemoth Barley Wine

Sweet malt and toffee in the flavor and in the aroma. Almost no hint of alcohol. Very good!

Southern Tier Choklat

Loads of chocolate in the aroma, and equally as much in the flavor. Very nice mouth feel.

Last, here are some picture from the hall where the event took place:

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