Beer review: HaandBryggeriet Farewell Ale

HaandBryggeriet Farewell AleFarewell Ale is HaandBryggeriets interpretation of a Norwegian custom. The custom was that all farms had malt ready for brewing in case someone died. The person would not be buried until the beer was ready, and the beer served was called “Gravøl” (funeral ale) and Farewell Ale is HaandBryggeriets version of a gravøl.

They score extra nerd points for including such information as IBU and EBC on the label.


Really dark (64 EBC) with small tanned head.


There is quite a spicy aroma on this beer. I’m getting Juniper, some roasted malt and peat. Some alcohol as well but not much.


The flavor fits the aroma quite well. Small hint of roasted malt and junipers in the aroma as well. Perhaps a little bit of coffee.


The finish is long and very pleasant. Some caramel sweetness hands around for a while together with some roasted malt. Lovely!


Not really my favorite kind of beer, bit a really good beer nonetheless. 4/5.

Batch #300.

HaandBryggeriet Farewell Ale

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