Beer review: BrewDog Abstrakt AB:02 (2010)

Abstrakt AB:02Here is another review of an aged Abstrakt beer. This time it’s the second version, a triple dry hopped imperial red ale (at a whopping 16% ABV), bottled June 16th, 2010. The review from the first time I tried this beer can be found over at flickr.


Pretty much the same as last time around (it looks a bit darker on this picture because of a different glass). The head is a bit smaller (this bottle was a bit less carbonated).


Almost no alcohol at all in the aroma. There is still quite an amount of hops present though. Some orange zest as well along with some dark fruits. Some caramel sweetness is also present.


Very citrusy flavor with some intense orange zest and some caramel sweetness. Some hints of coffee as well, but not much. The mouth feel on this beer is very pleasant. There is very little alcohol in the flavor (about the same as the aroma).


Slightly bitter and dry finish, with some alcohol coming through all the way towards the end.


I think this beer has changed for the better in a year. It tasted a lot better this time around. Score: 4.1/5. I have more bottles in the cellar, so expect another review around this time next year.

Abstrakt AB:02

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