Beer review: BrewDog Abstrakt AB:06

Abstrakt AB:06Here is yet another beer from Abstrakt, BrewDog’s concept beer brand. This time it’s the latest version AB:06, a triple dry hopped Imperial Black IPA at 11.2% ABV.


It looks as a black IPA should look … black (OK, not totally black, but very dark brown with a dark reddish hue). The head is beige / light brown.


The hop is strong in this one! Really powerful hoppy aroma. There are also peaches and some grapefruit. Not much alcohol in the aroma.


The flavor is very hoppy as expected, almost like hop juice. Some grapefruit along with some roasted malts. The bitterness level is pretty good. It’s got a mildly thick mouth feel to it as well.


The finish is quite bitter, and is all about the hops. I’m not getting much else. Some hints of the alcohol as well, giving the beer a pleasant warm feeling.


I enjoyed this beer. All the Abstrakt beers are pretty special, but this one was not that extreme. I enjoyed this one more than AB:05 (that I reviewed about a month ago). Score: 3.9/5.

As with all the other Abstrakt beers I have more of this in my cellar. This beer is probably not that suited for aging because of the massive amounts of hops used, but come back in a year and you can see what one year of aging has done to the beer.

PS! As far as I know, AB:06 is not that exclusive as the other Abstrakt beers. This particular bottle is #1059 of 8973 (as you can see from the picture below). Over at it says 5500 bottles was made. If anyone reading this know more about these numbers, please leave a comment!

Abstrakt AB:06

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