Beer review: Herslev Bryghus Pilsner

Herslev Bryghus PilsnerPilsener is probably my least favorite beer style. That being said, a good pilsener can be pretty refreshing on a warm summer day. Today is one of those days, so let’s see what Herslev has to offer.


Bright yellow hazy color with big white head. Looks very refreshing, and not like your average clear golden lager.


Pretty typical pilsener aroma with a bit more hoppy action than usual.

I’m getting fresh grass and some tropical fruit. Pretty good so far.


Malty flavor with some of the typical pilsener notes. The carbonation level is pretty good so it has a good mouth feel to it. There is some sourness and bitterness to it.


The finish is pretty good as well. Some nice bitterness going on and some mild malty hints.


This is one of the better pilseners I have had. Nice crispy feeling and refreshing.

Score: 3.1/5.

This was batch #421.

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