Forced to remove photos of beer

Bryggeri- og drikkevareforeningen (translated to Brewery- and beverage association) as well as Aass bryggerier in Norway risk day fines up to NOK 25.000,- (~ €3230) for having pictures of beer on their websites.

It’s against the law to have alcohol-related commercials in Norway, and the Norwegian Directory of Health feels that images such as the one above breaks that law.

But, what about breweries? Can’t they have images of their own products on their web sites? Well, no, they can’t. Just look at how Aass Bryggerier displays their products:

Sites like along with the many beer blogs out there (including the one you are reading now) simply want to spread awareness and knowledge of quality beer and how to enjoy it more responsibly, and not the usual binge drinking that too many people practice.

In my opinion The Norwegian Directory of Health is going against this in a totally wrong fashion. They should encourage sites like instead of forcing them to remove information.

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  1. This is bloody ridiculous! No wonder so many people have such a screwed up understanding of beer when censorship on this scale takes place. I’ll be highlighting this scandalous development over on my blog in Sweden right away. We might moan at the monopoly now and again but at least we can show pictures of beer without fear of fines!

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