BrewDog launches Equity for Punks II

BrewDog launches the second iteration of the Equity for Punks program. If you missed out on buying shares in BrewDog the first time around, you have now been given a second chance. What are you waiting for?!

Here is a list of the benefits of being a shareholder (from

  • Benefit financially from our future growth through dividends and also an increase in the value of your shareholding.
  • Lifetime discounts in all our bars AND on our online shop at
  • Exclusive first options on all our special and limited edition releases.
  • Being able to attend our (soon to be legendary) AGM
  • Being able to participate in brewing our annual ‘By Shareholders, For Shareholders’ Beer.
  • Having your say in how the company is run and vote on key decisions online.
  • Owning your very own part of BrewDog, our new eco-brewery and part of all of our BrewDog Bars
  • Your own BrewDog ID Card (for claiming your discounts)
  • A welcome pack with some killer, shareholder only BrewDog merchandise
  • Literally become richer with every BrewDog beer you drink

Read more on their blog, and on

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