Beer review: Kinn Slåtteøl

Earlier this year Kinn got 3 of its beer in the assortment over at Vinmonopolet. Kinn Bøvelen Trippel (Abbey Tripel), Kinn Vestkyst Indiaøl (IPA) and the one I’m reviewing in this post, Kinn Slåtteøl (Saison).

Kinn is a rather new brewery here in Norway (started late 2009). Did you know that Kinn ferments all its beers in open fermenters? Now you know!

Kinn SlåtteølLooks

Hazy orange golden color with huge off white head that leaves lacing on the glass.


Quite the barn-feeling on the nose. Hay, grass, yeast and some citrus notes. A very refreshing aroma.


The flavor is like the aroma, but with more punch from the malts. High carbonation level (pretty typical for Saisons) and a good full mouth feel. Not very bitter.

This beer is very fruity and refreshing.


I really like the finish on this beer. It lasts quite a while and has a good amount of malts and a tiny amount of bitterness. There are some sour notes as well. Very tasty!

Food matches

I would say this beer can go with quite a lot of different dishes. From fish to BBQ to a good lightly smoked cheese. Very delicate food with little seasoning might be overpowered by this beer though. Feel free to go wild with this one (and leave a comment if you have some good beer/food experiences)!


I really enjoyed this Saison. Very refreshing and very tasty. Score: 3.9/5. I also have Bøvelen and Vestkyst in my cellar, and will review them shortly.

This bottle was batch #64.

Kinn Slåtteøl

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