Beer review: Kinn Bøvelen

Here is another beer from Kinn that is available at Vinmonopolet. Kinn Bøvelen is a Abbey style beer and weighs in at 9.5% ABV.

Kinn BøvelenLooks

Huge white head on this one with a hazy orange color. It’s very similar to Kinn Slåtteøl in appearance.


The first I’m getting from the aroma is yeast. Not unpleasant yeast, but the kind you’re likely to find in a beer this style.

I’m also getting a touch of banana and some citrus.


There is touches of yeast in the flavor as well.

I’m also getting citrus, dried fruits and malts. A bit sweet, but not unpleasant. A very refreshing beer with a good carbonation level.

Very little alcohol to be found (this goes for the aroma as well).


A pretty long finish with lots of taste. I’m getting malt, sugar and some yeasty notes towards the end.

Food matches

This would go well with some cheeses and different types of fish. I enjoyed this beer on its own today, which also is fine.


I found the Kinn Slåtteøl a bit better than this. More balanced and a bit more drinkable. I’m giving Kinn Bøvelen 3.7/5.

This bottle is batch #72.

I will probably review the last of the three Kinn beers available at Vinmonopolet, Kinn Vestkyst Indiaøl, sometime next week.

Kinn Bøvelen

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