Beer review: Kinn Vestkyst Indiaøl

And now, a review of the last of the three Kinn beers available at Vinmonopolet. This time it’s an IPA with too much hops (at least according to the commercial description of the beer).

Here are the other two reviews:

Kinn VestkystLooks

Dark hazy orange with thick head that leaves some lacing on the glass.

Quite dark for an IPA.


Very hoppy aroma on this beer. Loads of grapefruit and pine. Smells really good!

I’m getting some pineapple as well. Sweet and bitter!


The flavor is pretty much as expected from the aroma. Pine, grapefruit, some sweet malts and some tropical fruits as well hidden behind all the bitterness. Very good!


Quite bitter aftertaste which lasts for a while. Pine, newly cut grass and a bit flowery.

Food matches

A beer with this much punch would need some spicy food.

I’m thinking a good spicy hamburger with some chillies and a good strong cheese, bacon, a powerful dressing and some mushrooms marinated in Jack Daniels sauce with some extra chili and garlic. And some good homemade buns of course. I think I have to do a burger/beer post sometime soon…

This beer would go well with some strong cheese as well, and it’s also damn good by itself (which is how I’m enjoying it when writing this review).


For me this was the absolute favorite of the three Kinn beers I have reviewed. It might be because I had this beer on a warm summer day feeling really thirsty. It is a really good IPA nonetheless. Score: 4.1/5.

And this concludes the reviews of the Kinn beers available at Vinmonopolet.

I hope Kinn gets some more of their beers available at Vinmonopolet. It’s great to see really good Norwegian beer more easily available for beer enthusiasts (and everyone else of course).

This beer was Kinns batch #74.

Kinn Vestkyst

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