Beer review: Nøgne Ø Bitter

Here comes review number three of five, featuring beers from Nøgne Ø available in grocery stores here in Norway.

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In case you have missed out on a couple of things I’ll repeat them: Here in Norway beers with an ABV of above 4.7% must be bought from Vinmonopolet. This means that for most of our craft beer needs we have to go to special stores. Luckily there are some good beers available in regular stores as well! Nøgne Ø has 5 lower alcohol beers available, which this series of reviews will cover.

Now, on with the review!

Nøgne Ø BitterLooks

Lovely hazy dark orange color with big white head.

The reason for the haziness is because there are sediments in the bottle (bottle conditioned beers still have yeast left in the bottle). You can decide for yourself if you want to include it in the glass. But that is a completely different post!


Malty aroma with slight bitterness from the hops.

This beer uses East Kent Goldings hops which are used in most British bitters as well.


Pretty much like the aroma. Nice level of bitterness which makes this beer very drinkable. Grassy notes from the hops.

As the other lower alcohol beers from Nøgne Ø this beer has a very full mouth feel (this beer has an ABV of 4.5%). There is also a very mild level of carbonation in this beer.


Pretty long and smooth finish, very tasty!

Food matches

This is an all round beer that can match lots of different dishes.

Today I enjoyed it with fresh tagliatelle together with some ground beef spiced with garlic, chili, onion and ground tomatoes. The beer had no problem with the spices and lifted some of the tastes in the dish.

The beer is also quite lovely by itself.


I have had this beer quite a few times before and every time it grows a bit on me. Score: 3.3/5.

Batch: #614

Nøgne Ø Bitter

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