Beer review: BrewDog Prototype 17

This is BrewDog’s 77 Lager fermented with Belgian yeast, then aged in old single grain Scotch casks with local Scottish raspberries. In other words, not your average lager… Let’s see what it’s like!

BrewDog Prototype 17Looks

Dark golden color with a peachy hue. The pour did not generate too much head.

The beer looks gorgeous!


Strong hint of raspberries in the aroma. Some malty sweetness as well, but mostly raspberries.


The raspberries dominate the flavor as well, but not as much as in the aroma.

I’m getting some citrus flavors as well which I did not get in the aroma at all.

The beer is very fruity and a tad bit sour.


At the start of the finish there are hints of the whisky casks this beer has been aged in. The raspberries outlive the cask flavor though. Pretty fruity and dry finish.

Food matches

I have no clue what I would serve this beer with. It might go with some ice cream with raspberry sauce considering the strong raspberry flavor in the beer. It’s pretty refreshing and nice by itself as well though.


This beer is an oddity, so I’m finding it a bit hard to rate it like a regular beer. It’s an OK beer, but not something I wish I’d have loads more of. Score: 3.2/5.

BrewDog Prototype 17

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