Beer review: Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest

Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere HarvestLooks

Lovely Dark hazy orange color with an off-white frothy head. Almost looks like a typical double IPA.


Big hoppy aroma with grape fruit and citrus.

There are also some malty sweetness present. This beer smells really fresh!


Much like the aroma. Lovely bitterness and loads of citrusy flavors.

Carbonation level is just about right. Very good and refreshing!


Medium long, bitter finish with citrus and malt.

Food matches

This will probably work wonders with some spicy BBQ dishes and medium to powerful blue cheeses.


This was a real treat. Feels really fresh! Score: 4.2/5.

This was one of the beers available from Systembolaget earlier this summer.

Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest

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