Beer review: Citra x10 (homebrew)

This is the first time a home brewed beer is reviewed on BeerNorway. The beer in question is a single hop Imperial IPA brewed by Martin Jonsson. The recipe for this beer is also available at his site.

Citra x10Looks

Hazy dark orange color with a small but dense head. The beer looks really good!


Very fruity and juicy aroma. Not much bitterness, but big aroma from the dry hopping.

The hop used in this beer (Citra) is one of my favorite aroma hops, so for me this beer smells really great!


The flavor is pretty much like the aroma. I was expecting a bit more bitterness.

Very drinkable and fruity, but a bit to sweet. Some more bitterness and it would have been a great beer!


Medium long finish with mostly citrus flavors from the hops used and some malty sweetness up front.

Food matches

This beer was pretty good by itself, but would work out with some BBQ dishes and different snacks.


An overall very enjoyable beer, but I feel it’s a bit unbalanced. I would love some more bitterness to match the big aroma from the Citra hops and the sweetness from the malt.

I have another beer brewed by Martin that I will review soon. Looking forward to it!

If there are any other home brewers out there, feel free to send med a bottle or two of your beer, and I’ll review them!

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