Beer review: BrewDog Abstrakt AB:03 (2010)

About a year ago I tried the third Abstrakt beer from BrewDog, Abstrakt AB:03. Now it’s time for another taste.

This beer was bottled on September 8th last year, and I was supposed to review it on the day, but somehow I managed to overlook the entry in my calendar. Oh well, better luck next year!

Abstrakt AB:03 is an imperial ale aged over 2 years in whisky casks together with raspberries and strawberries. With an ABV of 10.5% this is a pretty serious beer!

Abstrakt AB:03Looks

This time around the beer is quite muddy, with a lot of sediments floating around.

Big and frothy head that collapsed quickly, leaving little to no lacing on the glass.


This beer has lost a bit of its “freshness” after a year in the bottle.

There are mostly raspberries in the flavor but there are also some woody notes, and a bit more alcohol than what I can remember from the first time around.

It still smells very good though!


Quite an amount of carbonation in this beer.

As in the aroma the raspberries is the dominant flavor. The beer has developed some sour flavors as well after a year in the bottle. The beer is much more vinous this time around.

Most of the hints from the whisky casks has disappeared from the flavor.


Up front there are some small hints of the whisky casks this beer has been aged in.

It quickly becomes a bit sour with too much hints of alcohol. Not too pleasant.

Food matches

I find it quite hard to imagine this beer with a regular meal, mostly because of the strong hints of raspberries.

It might be a very good match for some dark chocolate with raspberries though. Better write that down so I can try it out next time around.

If anyone has any good food pairing ideas, leave a comment!


I enjoyed this beer a bit more the first time around, but I do think it’s still a good beer. It loses some points for the unpleasant finish. Score: 3.7/5.

Abstrakt AB:03

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