Beer review: Midtfyns Imperial Stout

Yet another review of a beer we had at a small tasting two weeks ago. This time it’s an Imperial Stout from Midtfyns Bryghus in Denmark. This beer is available at Vinmonopolet in Norway as well, so go grab some bottles and try it out!

Midtfyns Imperial StoutLooks

Pretty much black in color with not too much head.


The first thing that hits me is roasted malts. After a bit there are also some vanilla, dark fruits and chocolate as well. Smells really good!

This beer has been aged in oak barrels which adds quite an amount of complexity to both aroma and flavor.


Much like the aroma. I’m getting a bit more dark bitter chocolate in the flavor compared to the aroma. The mouth feel is very pleasant as well.

The complexity from the oak comes through in the flavor as well.

Remember to let it warm up a bit before drinking. Beers like this should be savored at 8-16°C, and will develop different aromas/flavors while warming up.


The finish is slightly bitter up front, with roasted malts and some alcohol towards the end. Really good!

Food matches

Chocolate desserts, and some well aged cheeses.


A really good balanced and complex beer. Score: 4.5/5.

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