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It’s time for another sour ale review. This time it’s a beer from LoverBeer in Italy, that is spontaneously fermented with the help of pressed Barbera grapes w/skins. Barbera is an Italian wine grape variety used in many red wines, so this should make for a pretty interesting sour ale.

LoverBeer BeerBeraLooks

While pouring the beer had a peachy color to it and a fizzy head. Once in the glass it has a lovely red/brownish color with very little head.


Sour grapes and vinegar in the aroma which makes it feel pretty vinous. I’m getting some raspberries as well.

Can’t really say I’m getting too much of the oak vats the beer has been aged in.

The aroma is very strong on this beer.


Not as sour as one might think. Lots of grapes in the flavor and some dark red fruit.

There is a pretty high level of carbonation to this beer which intensifies the sour flavors.

Overall the beer feels quite balanced.


Pretty long mild sour finish. Very good!

Food matches

Beers like this does not go well with everything. I would recommend trying some well aged cheeses. Not blue cheese, but perhaps a well aged cheddar.

It might also go well with fat greasy food, like fish n chips.


I really enjoyed this sour ale. The carbonation level is a bit too high for me, but overall a very good beer. Score: 4.1/5.

I picked up this beer at Vika Vinmonopol in Oslo.

LoverBeer BeerBera

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