Beer review: LoverBeer D’uvaBeer

Time for another sour/wild ale from Italy’s LoverBeer.

LoverBeer D’uvaBeerLooks

Brown reddish hazy color with a fizzy head that quickly settled down.


Sour aroma with some red berries and a small hint of wood. There is some sweetness to the aroma as well which makes the beer remind me of some ciders.


The flavor is not very sour actually, despite the sour aroma. The beer feels very fruity and has a small hint of alcohol.

There are also some hints of lightly sour grapes.


Pretty long, dry and fruity finish which is sour only at the beginning.

Food matches

This beer would perhaps go well with a fresh salad with a good vinaigrette.


Yet another good sour/wild ale from LoverBeer. Score: 3.9/5.

This bottle was bought at Vika Vinmonopol, like the other LoverBeer beers I have/will reviewed/review on this blog.

LoverBeer D’uvaBeer

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