Beer review: BrewDog Hello, My name is Ingrid (old vs. new)

So, the time has finally come to empty my last two bottles of BrewDog’s Hello, My name is Ingrid. One of the two bottles is the first version, which was the first beer I reviewed on this blog, and the second bottle is the new version of the same beer, which I have yet to taste at the time of this writing.

Let’s give Ingrid a whirl and see what she tastes like this time around.

The new version of BrewDog Hello, My name is Ingrid

The first version of BrewDog Hello, My name is IngridLooks

As you might see from the pictures the new version (the fist photo) is a bit brighter in color.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the new one is a bit more hazy (which is probably because it’s less filtered than the first one).

They both look pretty amazing though.


As before, the aroma is extremely fruity!

I’m getting a huge amount of Citra hops and some Nelson Sauvin.

This beer has also been “dry hopped” with cloudberries. I’m not getting the cloudberries up front, but there are some fruity aromas that might come from these berries.

I can’t say I’ve had any other DIPA that smell better than this one. Absolutely stunning!! (yes, that was actually two exclamation marks)

When it comes to old vs. new both have much of the same aromas, but the newer version is a bit more intense, which is pretty natural. The hops have settled down a bit in the older one.

They both have a small touch of alcohol in the aroma which I do not remember from the last time I had this beer.


The flavor is pretty much the same as the aroma. Very fruity and some lovely citrus notes.

There is also a pretty good malt base to this beer. Combined with the great creamy mouth feel this beer is extremely pleasant.


Medium long finish with hints of tropical fruits, citrus and some sweet malty tones. Stunning!

Food matches

When writing this I don’t want to spoil the experience of the beer by pairing it with food.

If I had to choose food with this beer I would go for a well aged cheddar or a blue cheese, or perhaps a grilled hamburger with some good Jack Daniels (or Jack Dagnels if you’re a fan of EpicMealTime) BBQ sauce.


This time around, 5/5, for both versions. A truly amazing beer.

When it comes to the new vs. old part, I don’t really want to choose a loser. They are both winners. They new one has more flavor and a bit more intense aroma, but other than that they are pretty similar.

And that’s that, no more bottles of Ingrid in my beer cellar…

The image below shows the old version to the left (the slightly darker one).

BrewDog Hello, My name is Ingrid

BrewDog Hello, My name is Ingrid

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