Beer review: LoverBeer Dama Brun-a

Time for yet another Italian sour ale! This time it’s Dama Brun’a from LoverBeer.

LoverBeer Dama Brun-aLooks

This beer has a muddy look to it. Brown hazy color with some copper tones.

Fizzy head which quickly disappeared.


Sour aroma with some hint of vegetables(!). There is also some yoghurty notes to it.

The aroma somehow reminds me of fruity yogurt with red sour berries.


Pretty mild flavor compared to the aroma. Just a tad bit sour.

There are small hints of oak in the flavor, with some mildly sour red berries. Good mouthfeel and well balanced.


Pretty long finish with some sour fruity notes to it.

Food matches

As with the other sour ales I’m not really sure what to serve with this.

This beer is a bit more mild than the other LoverBeer’s I have had, and it might go well with some aged cheeses or a salad.


This is a good mild sour/wild ale. Score: 4/5.

This bottle was bought at Vika Vinmonopol in Oslo.

LoverBeer Dama Brun-a

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