Beer review: Djævlebryg OriginAle

Djævlebryg OriginAleLooks

Pretty typical imperial IPA look on this beer. Slightly hazy orange/copper color with thick off-white head that laces nicely on the glass.


The aroma is a bit yeasty, with a (weak) hoppy punch and malty sweetness. There is also a small sting from the alcohol.


Surprisingly low bitterness. There is a fresh taste to it though.

The flavor is quite fruity actually. The beer is mildly carbonated and has a good mouth feel to it.


Pretty long finish which is fruity and has some hints of yeast.

Food matches

I might have this beer for some chili pot roasts or a good BBQ.

This beer would also work with some blue cheeses.


I had this beer on a tasting back in August and did not like it too much then. The one I had today felt slightly better, but it’s pretty far from the best DIPA’s I have had. Score: 3.4/5.

Djævlebryg OriginAle

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