Beer review: LoverBeer Papëssa

LoverBeer PapessaLooks

Dark oily pour with a big lively tanned head.


I’m getting liquorice, roasted malts, chocolate and dark fruits. It’s also a bit spicy. A pretty intense aroma!


The flavor consists of roasted malts, liquorice and is a bit peaty actually. Quite interesting flavor.

The carbonation level is pretty high on this beer. A bit too high for this type of beer IMHO. The beer is a bit unbalanced as well, but very good.


Pretty long finish with roasted malt, some dark chocolate and some caramel sweetness.

Food matches

As with other imperial stouts I would pair this beer with chocolate desserts.


A very interesting (and good) beer but I think it’s quite unbalanced. Score: 4/5.

I bought this bottle at Vika Vinmonopol in Oslo some weeks ago.

LoverBeer Papessa

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