Beer review: De Molen Bommen & Granaten (Bombs & Grenades)

Yet another beer from De Molen. This time it’s a Barley Wine (which happens to be one of my favorite styles).

De Molen Bommen & GranatenLooks

Lovely brown/reddish color with little head. Looks great!


There is a whole lot going on in the aroma of this beer.

I’m getting oranges, green grapes, apples and some yeast.


The flavor is equally complex. I’m getting much of the same as in the aroma along with some sweetness from the malt. Mostly apples, oranges, grapes and caramel.

The mouth feel on this beer is silky smooth! There is not much carbonation at all. Very pleasant.

Despite everything going on with this beer it’s very well balanced.


Pretty long finish which is sweet up front and towards the end the hops make their first appearance. Lovely!

Food matches

I would enjoy this beer with some well aged cheese. Perhaps some cheddar?


One of the better barley wines I have had in a while. Score: 4.6/5.

De Molen Bommen & Granaten

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