Beer review: Ingrid’s Fruits (homebrew)

A while back Stig Lundh and myself brewed a (double) IPA with cloud berries, and this is the result. By looking at the name you might understand where we got our inspiration? None other than BrewDog’s Hello, My Name is Ingrid. We did not use the same ingredients though, and the beer ended up with an ABV of 7%.

The hops used in this beer are Cascade, Chinook and Citra. Could berries and Citra was used for aroma.

According to Stig the label (which he made) fits the profile of the beer… Let’s see about that!

Ingrid's Fruits (homebrew)Looks

Very hazy (read: muddy) dark orange with off-white head. The cloud berries are to blame for the huge amount of hazyness.

If anyone have tried to brew with cloud berries and want to throw some hints our way, feel free to do so by adding some comments. We did not want to filter the beer so we tried with some clarification solution, but that did not work at all on the cloud berries.


Very fruity aroma with citrus and a mild hint from the cloud berries. The aroma is VERY good.


The first thing that hits me it’s the carbonation level, which is a bit too high. The flavors are exciting though.

I’m getting grapefruit, citrus, and some lovely malty sweetness. Pretty balanced as well. Not bad!

There are also some yeasty flavors coming through.


Pretty long fruity finish with a touch of yeast and citrus.

Food matches

This would go well with some blue cheese or some pretty sharply spiced dishes.


I’m not going to put a score on a beer I helped brew myself, but I can say I liked it, a lot. I have some more bottles of it in my cellar, so those of you who are lucky enough to get a seating in one of my tastings might get to try a bottle or two.

Ingrid's Fruits (homebrew)

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  1. Audun says:

    Nice to hear that it turned out nice and tastefull. Well done!

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