Beer review: LoverBeer BeerBrugna

Time for yet another sour beer from Italian LoverBeer. As with the other LoverBeer beers I have reviewed on this blog, this one was picked up at Vika Vinmonopol.

LoverBeer BeerBrugnaLooks

Dark orange/amber color with very little head. The beer is very hazy.


The aroma is very fruity and slightly sour.

I’m getting oranges, apricots and plums.


There are some very fruity hints in the flavor as well. There are hints of citrus and plums.

The beer is very lightly carbonated, but the mouth feel is pretty good.


Up front the finish is quite unpleasant with a strong yeasty hint. After a while it gets more pleasant with some citrus hints before it fades away completely. It’s also quite dry.

Food matches

I had this beer with pan seared salmon seasoned with lemon pepper, which worked out nice.


I am not too impressed by this beer. It tasted slightly artificial and was not very well balanced. Score: 3.7/5.

LoverBeer BeerBrugna

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2 Responses to Beer review: LoverBeer BeerBrugna

  1. Martin HB says:

    I picked up the ‘LoverBeer BeerBera’ @ Vika awhile ago. I enjoyed it, but I did get an unpleasant artificial cherry flavor in the background. The carbonation were quite unusual as well, it fizzed away in seconds like a soda. Sour ales can be like that, but I’ve never seen something quite like this one. The fact that it were made with grapes in the barrel probably explains the occurrence.

    There were quite a few varieties left when I stopped by last week. (I suspect they don’t sell too well as they have been there for quite a while now).

    I wanted to go pick up a couple of the other beers from LoverBeer, but the fact that this one also seem to have that artificial taste going on, I’m a little on the fence about that…

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