Beer review: Lervig Lucky Jack

Tonight me and my girlfriend made some homemade burgers, and as I was looking through the fridge to see which beer I could pair with the food, I found a bottle of Lucky Jack from Lervig Aktiebryggeri. Read on to see if the beer matched the delicious burgers!

Lervig Lucky JackLooks

Clear bright golden orange color with foamy white head.


Very rich aroma with some citrus and flowery hints. There are also some sweetness from the malt present, but not much.


The flavor is also pretty flowery with some hint of citrus fruits. The level of bitterness is very pleasant.

I’m also getting some sweetness from the malt, but as in the aroma, not too much.

Being a low alcohol beer (4.7% ABV) the mouth feel is pretty good, and the beer feels well balanced.


Medium long finish with a slightly bitter touch to it with some grassy flavors.

Food matches

I had this beer with homemade burgers with some chilies, Jack Daniels BBQ sauce, smoked bacon, cheddar cheese and some homemade dressing, which worked out really well.

The spiciness of the chilies in the burger worked really well with the hoppy flavor or the beer, and the slight sweetness from the cheddar cheese and the dressing worked well with the malty flavors from the beer.


This beer is really rich in flavor and well balanced. Score: 3.8/5.

I bought this bottle from ICA Maxi.

Lervig Lucky Jack

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