Beer review: Braasj Bryggeri Over ripa IPA (homebrew)

Time for another homebrew that has been hiding behind some other bottles in my fridge for a couple of months. This beer is called Over Ripa IPA and is a IPA brewed by Tom Young AKA Kjempetorsken and his brother over at Braasj Bryggeri.

Braasj Over Ripa IPALooks

Lovely dark amber color with a thick head that laces nicely on the glass.


Fruity aroma with grapefruit and some tropical fruit hints. Smells very delicious.

I’m not sure about what kind of hops that went into this beer but I’m reminded of Chinook. Perhaps the brewer himself can comment on what went into this beer?


I’m getting much of the same in the flavor. Grapefruit and a small hint of tropical fruits. The bitterness level is really pleasant. This is a really balanced beer!

The flavor profile has both American and English IPA hints to it.


Pretty long grassy finish with some lovely bitter notes.

Food matches

Today I had this beer to some hot dogs with a spicy mustard and some fried onions. For me this worked really well since the beer is not too bitter and overpowering.

I would also enjoy this beer with different types of blue cheeses.


This is a really solid and enjoyable IPA.

Braasj Over Ripa IPA

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5 Responses to Beer review: Braasj Bryggeri Over ripa IPA (homebrew)

  1. Nice review 😉 Thanks!
    We have used Chinook and Challenger, and Columbus for dry hopping.

  2. Imasofat says:

    I liked this beer about the same as you. I couldn’t think of “grassy” for my description at the time and I think I used “earthy” instead. But yes, a really solid beer that I wish I could get more often. Nice review!

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