Beer review: BrewDog Prototype Blitz!

Some weeks back I ordered some bottles of the new Prototype beers from BrewDog. The beers in The 2011 Prototype Challenge are:

  • Blitz! – a 2.8% caramalt only west coast hop bomb.
  • Prototype 17 – a 4.1% pale ale with American hops, Belgian yeast strain aged with fresh Scottish raspberries.
  • Scotch Ale – a 7.5% indulgent malty treat combining heather honey and 8 different malts.
  • Hops Kill Nazis – a 7.6% red ale loaded with chinook hops.

I will review all of them on this blog during this week in the above order. I reviewed Prototype 17 back in September but will try it again this time around as well.

First up is the 2.8% Blitz!

BrewDog Prototype Blitz!Looks

Lovely clear dark amber color with off-white head. The color on this beer is absolutely stunning!


The aroma of this beer is mostly hops, and some caramel hints lurking in the back.

I’m getting some pine and and grapefruit from the hops.


The first thing I’m noticing as soon as the beer hits my tongue is that it’s pretty thin. The ABV is only 2.8 bit I was expecting a bit more body.

As in the aroma, the flavor consist mostly of hops, with some caramel hints from the malts used (caramalt). I’m getting grapefruit, pine and fresh cut grass from the hops.

After a while I’m getting some bready hints from the malts. Pretty interesting profile.


Bitter and dry finish.

Food matches

This is a pretty light and easy beer, but still very exciting compared to most, if not all, Norwegian macro lagers (that the majority of people in Norway choose to drink with food, if they choose beer at all). I would easily enjoy this beer with many different BBQ dishes in the summer or as a thirst quencher while waiting for the food to finish.

I would also have this beer to different salads, such as a chicken salad with some eggs and pasta for instance.


I’m struggling with the mouth feel of this beer. That aside, the beer is pretty good for a low alcohol beer. Score: 3.5/5.

This beer was bought from the BrewDog webshop when the prototype 4-pack became available. Now it’s unfortunately sold out.

BrewDog Prototype Blitz!

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