BeerNorway’s highlights of 2011

An important date for BeerNorway was the 13th of February 2011, when the first post appeared on the blog. The first review I did was of BrewDog’s Hello, My Name is Ingrid.

In April I went to Linköping Beer Expo with my girlfriend where I got to taste quite a few beers, and where I also met up with Darren and Trev from BeerSweden. The last day of April I was tricked by Martin Jonsson into registering an account on Untappd, and since then I have checked in over 300 beers.

In May I did the first food-related post on the blog when I made a cherry panna cotta which I enjoyed with a couple of Krieks. I plan on doing a lot more of these types of posts in 2012.

Come August I got myself a nice logo made by a friend of mine, who is also working on a design for this blog so I can finally get rid of the default theme! Really looking forward to that! Also in August I held the first BeerNorway tasting (of many more to come), where we enjoyed around 50 different beers.

In September I went to a BrewDog tasting with James Watt that held place at Tilt in Oslo. We got to sample some really good beers and I got a preview of the Abstrakt AB:07, which I later on reviewed on the blog.

In October I went to San Francisco for a work related conference, and I got to visit some pretty awesome pubs and bars, like for instance City Beer Store, Beer Revolution, La Trappe Cafe and Churchkey.

The second BeerNorway tasting was held in December, which ends this years summary.

2011 have been a great year in beer for me, and I hope my readers have enjoyed the reviews and the other posts I have shared with you all.

Lastly I want to thank my darling girlfriend who have been very supportive and patient while I have been sitting on my computer writing up all the reviews. Thanks for letting me do this Linda!


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