Beer review: Fuller’s Past Masters Double Stout

The first review of 2012 is Fuller’s Past Masters Double Stout. I felt like starting off the new year with a really solid beer, and Fuller’s usually delivers.

Past Masters Double Stout is brewed to a recipe from 4th August 1893, and they made sure to use 19th Century methods when brewing it as well. Fuller’s also have an introduction to the Past Masters series over at YouTube. On to the review.

Fuller's Past Masters Double StoutLooks

The color is very dark brown, with some nice milk chocolate colored head that quickly disappears. The head does not leave any lacing either.


Strong aroma of roasted malt. There are some burnt wood and cold coffee in here as well.


The flavor is pretty much as expected compared to the nose. There are some more chocolate flavors that is not present in the aroma, and a tiny hoppy character as well. The flavor is quite fruity.

The mouth feel on this beer is great. Silky smooth with low carbonation. Lovely!


Pretty long finish with hints of roasted malts and chocolate.

Food matches

This beer would go great with a dark beef stew IMO. It will also go well with some well aged cheeses. Perhaps a smoked cheddar.

It’s also a perfect match for some nice dark chocolate, which I had with the beer today.


This is a really solid beer. Very well balanced, smooth mouth feel and lovely finish. Score: 4.4/5.

Fuller's Past Masters Double Stout

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