Beer review: Monks Café Russian Imperial Porter

Yet another beer from Monks Café that was a part of a special release at Systembolaget some time last year. If I remember correctly this beer was not a part of the same release as Brutala Super Saison Oak Edition 2010. Anyways, let’s give it a go!

Monks Café Russian Imperial PorterLooks

The color is as black as black can be, with a lovely milk chocolate colored head.


The aroma gives me mostly roasted malts and coffee. I’m getting some bitter dark chocolate hints as well.


Smooth mouthfeel with low carbonation. I’m getting much of the same as in the aroma in the flavor, coffee and dark chocolate. I’m also getting some salt liquorice. There is a good amount of roasted malts here, and the flavor seems pretty balanced.

I’m not getting hints of the high ABV (11.2%) at all!


Pretty long finish with moastly dark bitter chocolate. The finish is a bit peaty up front actually.


This beer was very interesting. Not a typical imperial stout, but still, very enjoyable. There is a bit too much in the aroma/flavor that reminds me of liquorice to make it really enjoyable. Score: 4/5.

Monks Café Russian Imperial Porter

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