Beer review: BrewDog Abstrakt AB:08

Time for another one of those weird Abstrakt beers from BrewDog. This one might prove to be the most out-of-the-ordinary one of the lot. Abstrakt AB:08 is a … *drumroll* … blonde Imperial Stout. Some of you might think I just made a typo. I didn’t. Stouts are usually pretty dark, like for instance Xbeeriment Black Force One, or Fuller’s Past Masters Double Stout, but the AB:08 … is blonde.

This beer actually started out as an April Fools joke when Stone Brewing and BrewDog announced that they would brew a beer called Luciferin. Read the press release here, and some more info (including a video) here.

Like most of the other Abstrakt beers from BrewDog this one is quite strong with an ABV of 11.8%. I can’t wait to pop this open and have a look at it. Let’s get cracking!

BrewDog Abstrakt AB:08Looks

Bright golden copper color with white head. The color is stunning, but not what you might expect from an imperial stout (and not really blonde either).


There is a big roasted aroma to this beer, with hints of cold coffee, caramel sweetness and fudge. The aroma is very unexpected is quite unlike anything I have ever had.

The high ABV does not come through in the aroma of the beer.

As the beer warms up (around 13-14°C) I’m getting some oak-like hints as well.


The flavor profile is equally strange. Lots of toast, cold coffee and a slithgly smokey touch. It shares some flavor notes with some other stouts, but it does not really taste like a stout.

It is quite sweet with a good amount of honey and maple syrup. I remember getting some similar notes from Autum Maple brewed by The Bruery, which we had at the previous BeerNorway tasting back in December.

The mouth feel is full and the carbonation level is very pleasant.

As in the aroma the beer changes character when it heats up. At around 13-14°C some nice cocoa flavors appear.


I’m getting some hoppy notes at the start of the finish which is quickly replaced by cocoa, maple syrup and some booziness towards the end.


I’m not really sure what to do with regards to rating. It is not like anything I have had before really, so I don’t have any reference points. Anyways, here goes … Score: 3.9/5.

I’m really anxious to see how this beer ages. As you can see from the label below it was bottled on December the 6th last year, so expect a review around December 6th this year when it has been in the bottle for a year.

I bought this beer directly from BrewDog. It is also available from Systembolaget as long as the stock lasts.

BrewDog Abstrakt AB:08

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5 Responses to Beer review: BrewDog Abstrakt AB:08

  1. Audun says:

    Sounds like a pretty weird experience. Wonder how this will age… You probably have some in your cellar to a review in a year, and then in two years and so one. Looking forward to that.

  2. Christer Edvartsen says:

    I have more, yes. I see a huge Abstrakt tasting in my future. :p

  3. Stunetii says:

    Thanks for the review. Will definately look for this unique concoction.

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