Beer review: Lervig White Dog

Lervig White Dog is a Norwegian Wheat beer that is available in regular grocery stores (because of its ABV of 4.7%) along with some other good quality low alcohol beers. I have had this beer in numerous occasions and figured it was about time to write up a review. Here goes…

Lervig White DogLooks

Slightly hazy pale yellow color with a big white head.


Citrus and wheat in the aroma. I’m also getting some banana hints from the yeast.

The beer smells really refreshing.


The flavor is pretty much like the aroma. I’m getting oranges, banana and some lovely spicy notes.

The beer has a good mouth feel and is really refreshing. As Lucky Jack (also a low alcohol beer from Lervig), this is a really tasty and refreshing beer, which (again, like Lucky Jack) also works well with a plethora of dishes.


Quite dry finish with some lovely fruity hints. There is also some bitterness present in the finish.


White Dog is a good beer despite the low ABV. Score: 3.6/5.

Lervig White Dog

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