Beer review: Southern Tier Oak Aged Un*Earthly

And now for the Oak Aged version of Un*Earthly. I am usually very fond of barrel aged beers, but barrel aged IIPA’s are not too common. Let’s give it a go!

Southern Tier Oak Aged Un*EarthlyLooks

Slightly less hazy than the regular Un*Earthly. This version also has a nice big off-white head.


Very much the same as the regular Un*Earthly, with some hints of vanilla and toffee. Strong hint of the barrel aging.

There is also a small hint of alcohol in the aroma that was not as prominent in the regular version.


As in the aroma, the flavor is much like the regular Un*Earthly but with some hints of the oak aging. Vanilla and toffee are present in the flavor as well.


Long finish with some alcohol and caramel up front and some grassy bitter notes towards the end.


I fancied the regular version more than this. The hints of alcohol was a bit too strong. It’s still a very good and interesting beer! Score: 4.1/5.

Southern Tier Oak Aged Un*Earthly

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