Beer review: Southern Tier Un*Earthly

Today I’m going to try two imperial IPA’s from Southern Tier Brewing Co.: Un*Earthly and Oak Aged Un*Earthly. I have had both these on several occasions before, but not right after one another.

Both bottles were bought at Vika Vinmonopol in Oslo.

First up is the regular Un*Earthly:

Southern Tier Un*EarthlyLooks

Hazy dark golden orange color with solid off-white head


Hops and malts, in lovely harmony.

I’m getting caramel sweetness and grassy hoppy notes with a hint of grapefruit. There are also some small hints of alcohol in the aroma.


Malty sweetness, not too bitter. I’m getting hints of orange, grapefruit, green grass, mango and some caramel.

Incredibly balanced, with a really smooth mouth feel and low carbonation.

Based on the aroma I would have guessed the beer to be more bitter, but the amount of sweetness from the malt subdues the bitterness of the hops.


Pretty long finish with some lovely malty sweetness up front, quickly followed by some sting from the alcohol. Towards the end some grassy notes appear.


A really complex and balanced beer. Not sure how fresh this particular bottle is (it doesn’t say on the label) but would love to taste it really fresh. I remember the beer beeing slightly more hoppy than this particular bottle. Score: 4.5/5.

Southern Tier Un*Earthly

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