Beer review: BrewDog Abstrakt AB:05 (2011)

Time for another Abstrakt beer from BrewDog. This time it’s AB:05, a beer that I tried for the first time last year. I was not too impressed by it last year (it got 3.1/5), so let’s see what I think about it this time around.

BrewDog Abstrakt AB:05Looks

Pitch black with big dark brown head. The head dissipates rather quickly.


Sweet aroma with hints of coffee, alcohol, coconut and some faint burnt notes.

The aroma contains some hints of licorice as well, but not as much as last time.


Thick mouth feel with a lovely mellow carbonation level.

I’m getting chocolate, coconut, roasted malts, molasses and some alcohol. The beer is much more balanced after a year in the bottle.

It’s not as overwhelmingly sweet as last time around. It’s still sweet, by all means, but the sweetness blends in better with the other flavors.


Long finish with a sting from the alcohol. There is also a good amount of chocolate and molasses in the finish.


I liked this beer much more this time around. It’s much more balanced, and the sweetness of the beer is subdued by some other tastes getting more prominent. Let’s hope it gets even better next year! Score: 3.9/5.

BrewDog Abstrakt AB:05

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