Beer review: Southern Tier Gemini

Time for another Imperial IPA. This time we have yet another beer from Southern Tier Brewing Co.: Gemini. This beer is actually a blend of two other beers from Southern Tier: Un*Earthly and Hoppe. This beer is in their special release range, and is released every January. I picked up this particular bottle at Vinmonopolet Vika in Oslo.

Southern Tier GeminiLooks

Dark hazy orange color with frothy off-white head.


Powerful malty aroma with hints of honey, pine and alcohol.


Spicy aroma with some grassy hints from the hops and a good amount of sweetness from the malt.

The beer has a pleasant level of bitterness, and is has a mildly sharp carbonation level.

This is a pretty big beer with regards to the flavor profile, yet really refreshing and drinkable.


Medium long finish with mostly green grass and some earthy notes. Some sting from the alcohol as well.


I really enjoyed this beer. I have had both Un*Earthly and Hoppe by themselves, but for me the blend was superior. Score: 4.7/5.

Southern Tier Gemini

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