Beer review: Mikkeller / Three Floyds Boogoop

Time for another collaboration beer. This time it’s Mikkeller from Denmark, and Three Floyds from Munster, Indiana, USA that have brewed a beer together. I have reviewed another collaboration beer from Three Floyds before, Bitch Please, which they did with BrewDog.

Boogoop is a Buckwheat Wine with an ABV of 10.4% and is the fourth in a series of goop’s. They have previously released Hvedegoop, Oatgoop and Ruggoop. Boogoop was brewed at De Proef Brouwerij in Belgium which brews quite a lot of Mikkellers beer. Now, let’s get started!

Mikkeller / Three Floyds BoogoopLooks

Hazy brown/orange color with big off-white creamy head with good retention. The head laces nicely on the glass.


The aroma is quite hoppy up front. I’m getting mostly grapefruit and citrus. I would have guessed this beer was an imperial IPA based on the aroma alone.

I have had some other barley wines which have the same characteristics when fresh, for instance #100 from Nøgne Ø.


The flavor is also pretty hoppy up front. The beer has a nice warming feeling to it. There are hints of grapefruit and some caramel sweetness. I’m also getting some small soapy hints.

There are small hints alcohol present, but not much. I was expecting more considering an ABV of 10.4%.


Not as bitter as I would have expected. The finish is for me well balanced with sweetness from the malts reminding me of caramel and some hints of grapefruit from the hops.


I really enjoyed this beer. It’s quite hoppy and powerful, and I’m really anxious to see how it has evolved in a year or two. Score: 4.5/5.

I have one more bottle of this beer in my cellar that I’ll put away for at least a year. When the time comes I’ll open it and write another review.

Mikkeller / Three Floyds Boogoop

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