Beer review: Verhaeghe Duchesse De Bourgogne

Time for a personal favorite of mine, Duchesse De Bourgogne from Verhaeghe in Belgium. Duchesse De Bourgogne is a Flanders red-ale in style. The beer is aged in oak barrels for 18 months, and the final product is a blend of a younger 8 month old beer with an 18 month old beer.

Verhaeghe Duchesse De BourgogneLooks

Clear brown color with some reddish hints. The head is not too big but has a good retention.


The aroma includes hints of vinegar, sour cherries and apples.

The first time I tried this beer I couldn’t believe it was a beer when I smelled it. The aroma is really vinous and tart.


As in the aroma the flavor includes sour cherries, and hints of vinegar. There are also some lovely hints of caramel that balances out the sourness.

The level of carbonation is a bit sharp but fits the beer perfectly.

I’m also getting some hints of grapes as the beer warms up a bit.


The finish is quite sour and dry, and includes hints of grapes and cherries.


It took me some tries to enjoy this beer. Now it is perhaps one of the beers that never fail to amaze me. I absolutely adore this beer. Score: 5/5.

This beer is available from Vinmonopolet in 33cl bottles, and in 75cl bottles. It is also available from Systembolaget in Sweden in 25cl bottles.

I have quite a few bottles of Duchesse De Bourgogne in my cellar and you can expect some reviews of different vintages in the future.

Verhaeghe Duchesse De Bourgogne

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