Beer review: Sigtuna Ace of Spades Imperial IPA (2011)

Time for a pretty special Imperial IPA brewed at Sigtuna Brygghus in Sweden. Ace of Spades is a beer that is presented each October in association with Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival.

In 2010 Ace of Spades was an Imperial Stout (that I sadly did not get to taste). The 2011 version is an Imperial IPA with 12(!) different sorts of hops. According to the label on the bottle they added hops at every 5th minute of the 2 hour boil.

Sigtuna Ace of Spades 2011 Imperial IPALooks

Dark orange with some red hints with little head. As I poured it a small fizzy head tried to build up but quickly disappeared.

As I’m writing this all head has disappeared and the beer almost looks like a dark cognac.


The aroma is quite sweet up front. I’m getting some caramel and honey sweetness mixed with some hints of alcohol and a small hoppy character with hints of pine and grapefruit.

Somehow the aroma reminds me of a very light version of Sink the Bismarck! from BrewDog.


The flavor feels quite fruity actually. There are some clear hints of caramel coming through. I’m also getting some hints from the hops. Pine and grass are the most prominent flavors I’m getting.

The beer is quite warming and has a pretty boozy character. It sports an ABV of 15% so I was kind of expecting that.

The mouth feel of the beer is quite oily and sticky. There is hardly any carbonation at all.


The finish is quite long. Because of the stickiness of the beer it stays in the mouth for quite a while. I’m getting some grassy notes and hints of pine and grapefruit.


This is an extreme Imperial IPA. Nonetheless it had enough flavor to keep away (most of) the booze. It had some similar characteristics to both Nøgne Ø’s Red Horizon and Sink the Bismarck! from BrewDog. Score: 4.1/5.

I picked up this beer from Systembolaget in late 2011. It was a special release and is not likely to be found at Systembolaget any more. The product is located here. Good luck!

Sigtuna Ace of Spades 2011 Imperial IPA

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