Beer review: Oppigårds Drakens DIPA

After some serious rummaging through my beer cellar I happened to find a bottle of Oppigårds Drakens DIPA. I enjoyed this beer on the first ever BeerNorway tasting in August 2011, and it’s not really a style that fits cellaring. Let’s give it a shot anyways. Who knows, it might still be pretty awesome.

Oppigårds Drakens DIPALooks

Light orange hazy color with a big white thick head with good retention and lacing. Looks lovely!


Much less hops in the aroma than the last time I tried this beer, obviously. It’s not completely gone though. There are still a good amount of floral notes and a touch of citrus from the hops.

The sweet malty backbone of the beer is much more prominent now and it smells absolutely lovely.


Just like the aroma the hops have faded quite a bit in the flavor as well. I’m getting some grapefruit-like flavors from the hops and some lovely honey sweetness. The beer is quite balanced and still very drinkable.

The mouth feel is very smooth with a mellow carbonation level.


The finish is still quite bitter. Up front there are some hints of orange zest and some floral hints, then the bitterness kicks in along with some sweetness from the malts. Lovely!


When we had this beer in the beer tasting back in August 2011 it actually won all three categories (Aroma, Flavor, Overall). Back then the score would have been 5/5 without a doubt. So, what to give it this time around? I still think it’s extremely good, but it’s almost like a totally different beer. Score: 4.7/5. Not bad for a beer that has surpassed the “best before” date eh?

It’s really interesting to age beers such as this one because they change quite dramatically in a relative short period of time. They are not really meant to be aged, but sometimes you might be lucky (like with this beer). So, buy an extra bottle from time to time and stick it in the back of your cellar and let it sit for a while. You might be as lucky as I was this time around…

Oppigårds Drakens DIPA

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  1. I had a very similar experience just the other week! got to love the Dragon!

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