Beer review: Herslev Bryghus Mjølner Barleywine 2006

Time to review a beer in one of my favorite styles: Barley wine. The beer I’m reviewing today is a 2006 vintage Mjølner Barleywine from Herslev Bryghus in Denmark. This beer was brewed back in 2006, bottled in 2007, and it has been waiting in the bottle ever since.

I have reviewed two other beers from Herslev on the blog: Pilsner and Økologisk Hvedeøl, none of which was very impressive. Let’s hope their Barley wine is better!

Herslev Bryghus Mjølner Barleywine 2006Looks

Beautiful dark mahogany color with beige head. The had has low retention and leaves no lacing.


There is a slight roasted character in the aroma. There is also a good amount of raisin and plum present.

As the beer warms up some nice hints of wood appear as well.


The flavor is much like the aroma with some extra caramel sweetness and a tiny hint of alcohol. Considering the ABV of 11% I was expecting a bit more sting from the alcohol but it’s well hidden.

The mouth feel is thick and the low carbonation level makes the beer very pleasant.

After gaining some temperature the beer starts to develop some port-wine like flavors as well.


The finish is quite roasted up front, then turns quite dry with a hint of the alcohol lingering for a while. There is also some bitterness in the finish that I did not find elsewhere in the beer.


Not the best barley wine I have had. There is a bit too much raisin in the aroma in my opinion and the finish of the beer is quite off-putting. Score: 3.6/5.

I picked up this beer from Vinmonopolet Vika a while ago and this was bottle #2205 and batch #20.

Herslev Bryghus Mjølner Barleywine 2006

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