Beer review: Port Brewing La Cruda Porter

Another day, another review. This time I’m trying out an American porter from Port Brewing called La Cruda Porter.

This beer (known as Makanudo Porter back in 1996) is one of the first beers “The Tomme” (Tomme Arthur, director of brewery operations at Port Brewing and Last Abbey) ever brewed as a professional brewer. At the time Tomme was assistant to Troy Hojel, head brewer at Cervezerias La Cruda, a new (at the time) brewpub in downtown San Diego. You can read the full story over at Lost Abbey’s site.

Lets get started with the review!

Port Brewing La Cruda PorterLooks

Dark brown with a beige head. When held up against the light there is a nice red hue from the color.


Vanilla and roasted malts up front. I’m also getting notes of toffee and milk chocolate.

The aroma of the beer is overall quite sweet.


The flavor is also pretty sweet. I’m getting hints of liquorice, chocolate, vanilla and some coffee. There are quite a lot of different flavors present but the beer is surprisingly easy to drink. The ABV is not off the scales either (6.7%).

The mouth feel is medium full with a mellow carbonation level. I would have wished for a slightly fuller mouth feel.


The finish is intense up front with hints of chocolate, vanilla and coffee. Towards the end I’m getting some bitterness which I did not get anywhere else in the beer.


This is a very enjoyable Porter. Quite easy to drink yet full of flavor. The only thing I would have wanted is a bit more fullness in the body. Score: 4.1/5.

I picked up this bottle at Vinmonopolet Vika in Oslo a couple of months ago.

Port Brewing La Cruda Porter

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