Beer review: Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout (winter 2011/2012)

I didn’t really feel like having a beer today but after getting “taunted” by Kjempetorsken in a post over at my Facebook page I couldn’t resist.

The beer I chose today is the lovely Black Chocolate Stout brewed by Brooklyn Brewery. This beer is brewed every year for the winter season and is their rendition of the Imperial Stout style.

Brooklyn Black Chocolate StoutLooks

Very dark brown with a lovely milk chocolate colored head.


The aroma contains coffee, dark rich chocolate and roasted malts. The aroma of this beer is absolutely stunning.


The flavor is much like the aroma. Dark chocolate and roasted malts with not as much coffee as in the aroma. The beer is well balanced and has a smooth silky mouth feel.

I’m not getting any alcohol in the flavor. Not bad considering the high ABV of 10%.


The finish also contains dark chocolate and towards the end it gets some heavy roasted malt flavors.


IMHO this is a perfect Imperial Stout. Powerful aroma and flavor, well balanced with a silky smooth mouth feel and a finish that leaves you wanting some more. Score: 5/5.

This beer is available at Systembolaget for a ridiculously low price. It’s also available in some Vinmonopolet stores as long as the stock lasts (at a less ridiculously low price). Since it’s a beer that’s suited for aging I suggest you pick up more than one and leave some bottles in the cellar for a year or two.

Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout

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2 Responses to Beer review: Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout (winter 2011/2012)

  1. Alf Tycker Om BBCS! Du har ju nästintill perfekt lyckas pricka in mina åsikter om denna gyllene pärla i ölsortimentet – det tyder ju återigen på att du har mycket god smak! 😀

  2. Stunetii says:

    Nice review. Just had two of these last weekend, and yes it is an excellent imperial stout. I would have perhaps liked it a bit better with a sweeter chocolate profile.

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