Beer review: Braasj Bryggeri Bare En Bitter (homebrew)

Time for some homebrews. The beer I’m reviewing today is the first in a series of six beers from Braasj Bryggeri. Braasj consists of Tom Young (Kjempetorsken) and his brother. I got the bottles from Tom when he attended the previous BeerNorway tasting.

First up is a beer called Bare En Bitter (Just a Bitter) which is an ESB in style. The recipe is available at

Braasj Bryggeri Bare En BitterLooks

Clear yellow / light orange color with white head. The head has really good retention.


Slightly grassy aroma with some citrus. I’m also getting some small nutty hints.


Spicy and grassy flavor with some hints of orange zest. The beer has a very refreshing feel to it. The mouth feel is medium/light and the carbonation is mellow.

As Tom mentioned over at Facebook there is a slight off-taste present in this beer. There is a small barnyard-like flavor in the beer which is not too pleasant. It’s not noticeable at first but when the temperature of the beer gains a couple of degrees it gets stronger.


The beer has a dry finish with some small citrus and grassy notes.


If it hadn’t been for the off-taste in the flavor this beer would be a really refreshing and enjoyable bitter. I don’t feel like giving a score to a beer that might have an infection so I’ll skip that part.

Braasj Bryggeri Bare En Bitter

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  1. Hmh, a brett bitter? 🙂

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