Beer review: Braasj Bryggeri Blood Red Sky (homebrew)

Beer number two from Braasj Bryggeri. This time I’m reviewing an Irish Red Ale which is called Blood Red Sky. As the other beers from Braasj Bryggeri the recipe is available at

Braasj Bryggeri Blood Red SkyLooks

Dark brown color with big off-white head. The head has good retention and leaves some nice laces on the glass.

The beer is much darker than all other beers I’ve had in this style.


Sweet caramel aroma with some nutty hints. Beers in this style is often pretty gentle in both aroma and flavor and this beer fits the style pretty good.


The flavor is pretty much spot on. Caramel sweetness with some nice earthy hints. Well balanced and easy on the palate.

The mouth feel of the beer is smooth and the carbonation is very gentle which makes the beer really enjoyable.


Short finish with mostly malty sweetness. Towards the end it gets quite dry.


It’s not very often I have beers in this style, but this is probably one of the better I have had. Very well balanced and a lovely mouth feel.

Braasj Bryggeri Blood Red Sky

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