Beer review: Braasj Bryggeri Verdens Beste Utsikt (homebrew)

Beer number three from Braasj is an American Pale Ale in style called Verdens Beste Utsikt (The best view in the world). Recipe is available over at

Braasj Bryggeri Verdens Beste UtsiktLooks

Dark orange in color with a big white frothy head. The head leaves little lacing and has low retention.


Lovely citrus notes and some malty sweetness. I’m also getting some hints of mango.


The flavor is much as expected based on the aroma. The mouth feel is surprisingly smooth for a beer with this low ABV (3.1%). Beers with this low ABV tends to get a bit watery.

The carbonation is quite hard and lively but fits the beer perfectly.


Grassy and slightly bitter finish up front with some sweet malty notes towards the end.


Yet another superb beer from Braasj. Verdens Beste Utsikt is a really impressive Pale Ale packed full of flavor and with a really low ABV.

Braasj Bryggeri Verdens Beste Utsikt

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